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With more than 5 years experience providing cost effective, reliable and flexible internet services we are committed to understanding the needs of customers and organisations when delivering our products.

We fully appreciate the needs of home users and the demands of business and will work with you to understand your exact requirements whilst taking care of all the issues for you so there will be no 'hassle' involved. You can be as involved or as detached from the process as you like.

We can also offer face to face consultations to discuss and develop your preferred service and to understand your needs.

We will provide clear, concise explanations of all technical and non-technical aspects of your internet services, whilst encompassing all other related services so that you are fully 'in the picture.'

Total customer satisfaction is a key area in which we are pleased to excel. We have total confidence that you will not just be satisfied with your service but instead will be completely happy.

We have been consistently achieving and exceeding these key mission areas over a sustained period of time.

Whilst expanding, staff at Taunton Broadband have not forgotten their commitment to the local community. Based in Taunton we have not only provided services to hundreds of local businesses, but also support local organisations and charities.


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If you already have broadband with another supplier, we will make no charge for you to migrate to our services.

Fibre broadband available NOW!

Many areas can now order fibre broadband. Why not check your line to see if you can get fibre?

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