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You can now benefit from even faster Internet connectivity with our new range of fibre based broadband packages.Fibre broadband enables you to achieve faster speeds than normal broadband with a choice of up upload rates, enabling you to do more with your broadband connection.

Product Monthly bandwidth allowance GB Price per
(ex. VAT)
Fibre Business 15 15 £22.00
Fibre Business 45 45 £32.85
Fibre Business 90 90 £42.00
Fibre Business 135 135 £53.85
Fibre Business 180 180 £63.85
Fibre Business 360 360 £127.70

Fibre broadband can provide these significantly faster speeds because it uses fibre from the core network to the street cabinets and then copper from the cabinet to your premises. Our fibre broadband services are available in a choice of 6 Business packages with priority during the working week and inclusive monthly allowances of between 15GB and 360GB; and 5 Family packages with allowances ranging from 30GB to 180GB. Our Business packages monthly allowance is only used between the hours of 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday whilst our Family packages allowance is used between the hours of 8am and midnight,Monday to Friday. Usage outside of these times is uncharged.

Product Monthly bandwidth allowance GB Price per
(inc. VAT)
Fibre Family 30 30 £25.89
Fibre Family 45 45 £34.99
Fibre Family 90 90 £47.99
Fibre Family 135 135 £59.99
Fibre Family 180 180 £71.99

:: Bandwidth overuse options
If you use more than your monthly allowance, donít worry.You can choose to purchase additional top-ups or choose to post-pay on a per 1GB basis and set an upper limit to help you control your spending. Top-ups are available in 5 options ranging from 10GB to 100GB and donít expire2.

Overuse Monthly bandwidth allowance GB Price per
(inc. VAT)
Top-up 10 10 £10.38
Top-up 25 25 £24.98
Top-up 50 50 £49.00
Top-up 75 75 £73.00
Top-up 100 100 £95.95
Overuse Per 1GB £1.31

:: Optional Extras
In addition to our straightforward packages and top-ups, you can further improve your Internet access through options that increase your upload speed, protect your throughput and reduce the clear time in the event of a fault.

You can increase your standard upload speed for an additional monthly fee either at or following your time of order. You can also upgrade your connection to provide fibre download speeds and upload speeds for an additional monthly fee, check line for details. You can also protect your throughput with Elevated Best Efforts (EBE) which guarantees a minimum throughput of 16Mbps during the busiest periods3. Meanwhile, Enhanced Care reduces the standard fault clear time from 40 hours to 20 hours, with Openreach engineers available 24/7.

Key Features Key Benefits
Increased download speeds (for speed please see line check) Our fibre broadband provides you with significantly
faster speeds than other DSL broadband.
Choice of monthly packages You can choose the package that best suits your
needs and budget with 6 Business and 5 Family
Choice of overuse payment methods Choose to manage your bandwidth overuse
through the purchase of top-ups or on a per 1GB
basis with a set upper limit to control spending.
Upload speed options Your standard upload speed is shown on the line check
an option to increase this and further if you upgrade to the fastest fibre optiona.
Elevated Best Efforts option This option ensures your throughput doesnít fall
below 16Mbps during the busiest periods3.
Enhanced care option In the event of a fault on your line, this option
guarantees a clear time of within 20 hours with
Openreach engineers available 24/7.
24/7 monitoring and helpdesk Your connection is monitored continuously
and prompt action taken in the event of a fault.
Importantly, our UK based technical support team
is on hand any time of the day or night to help you.

:: Next Steps
If youíre interested in moving from your existing broadband package to our fibre broadband service simply contact us as below and weíll do everything we can to make it easy.

1. The actual speed achieved will depend on the quality of your existing line and the distance between your premises and the BT telephone cabinet that serves you.
2. Top-ups do not expire unless you cease the connection or migrate to an alternative provider.
3. Elevated Best Efforts guarantees throughput of at least 16Mbps over the BT network, subject to line sync rate for 90% of the time over the busiest 3 hour period by giving your traffic preferential weighting in the BRAS. 16Mbps is guaranteed where a service synchronises above 15Mbps. Services which sync between 5 and 15Mbps are guaranteed at least 80% of the value of their BRAS profile for 90% of the time over the busiest 3 hour period.

All fibre broadband connections are subject to a 12 month contract.

E-Mail us at or call now on 01823 288045 if you have any questions.


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